7 Mistakes That Victims Make After a Truck Accident

Mistakes Following a Truck Accident

Common Mistakes That Victims Make After a Truck Accident

In the immediate wake of an accident with a large truck, victims are shaken, disoriented, and overwhelmed. Many times, they immediately try to make a checklist of next steps, but their thoughts are too jumbled to put together an accurate roadmap and mistakes are common. Unfortunately, some of these mistakes have the potential to derail a potential truck accident lawsuit before it even begins.

Keep reading to learn the most common (and avoidable) pitfalls that victims of truck accidents make and how to avoid them to help build a successful claim down the road.

1. Failing to Secure Medical Attention

Even if you’re positive you haven’t suffered an injury, you should call 911 and seek medical treatment immediately following a truck accident. Broken bones, bruises, and abrasions are easy to see, but internal injuries, brain trauma, and whiplash might not be immediately apparent.

Some victims don’t want to receive medical attention because they’d rather avoid expensive medical bills or the possibility of a lengthy legal process. However, receiving the proper treatment is crucial to maintaining your health and wellness. Further, it’s absolutely critical to establish a paper trail of medical records as early as possible to preserve potential success in a lawsuit — and continue to keep good and accurate records throughout your treatment regimen and any legal proceedings you might pursue.

2. Admitting Fault

Everyone is flustered after an accident, which means memories can be shaky. Regardless of what happened, or what you think happened, never discuss the events of the truck accident with anyone other than your attorney, and certainly do not admit fault in any way. Even if it’s clear you were the victim of negligent behavior, a simple and polite “I’m sorry” can ruin your case.

3. Speaking with Anyone Without Legal Representation

Accident scenes are hectic and distracting environments. Before you know it, you might be on the phone with another party’s attorney or insurance adjuster. Once they’ve got you talking, they’re going to ask questions you are in no condition to answer, which could (and likely will) work against you. Once you’ve received medical attention and ensured everyone is safe, remain silent until you are able to speak with a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney.

4. Failing to Call the Police and Preserve Evidence

Regardless of how minor the accident might seem, you should contact the proper authorities so they can ensure everyone’s health and safety, as well as document an accurate record of the event. This also gives first responders a chance to interview all parties and eyewitnesses.

Also, do not disturb anything you believe could later be used as evidence — including pieces of vehicles, tracks in the earth, or damaged property. All of these could prove invaluable when determining what happened and who caused the accident.

5. Failing to Document Everything at the Scene

Following a truck accident, the only thing you should discuss with the other parties is their contact and insurance information, including that of any potential witnesses. If you’re in the right condition to do so, you are within your rights to take photos of the scene, including pictures of any injuries you’ve suffered or damages to your property. After the initial scene is cleared, you should continue to gather documentation in the form of bills and receipts of any treatment you receive or repairs to your vehicle.

6. Discussing the Accident in Public or on Social Media

Once you’ve left the scene of the accident and throughout your treatment or any subsequent legal proceedings, never discuss the accident in public or on social media. In fact, it’s best to suspend all social media accounts until the matter has been finalized completely. Insurance companies and defense attorneys frequently use surveillance to monitor your actions online and offline, so it’s best to remain quiet so your actions can’t be used against you at a later date.

7. Accepting Payments/Settlements From the Trucking Company or Insurer

Many times, insurance adjusters and trucking companies will attempt to avoid or fast track potential legal proceedings by offering what might seem like a sizable settlement, which can be appealing to a lot of victims, especially when they’re facing significant medical bills. It’s easy to see how these checks can look like fast and simple solutions to complicated problems.

Unfortunately, the true motive in these instances is to get you to sign away your rights in return for a quick payout. In the long run, accepting an immediate paycheck could forfeit a more appropriate settlement.

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