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7 Mistakes That Victims Make After a Truck Accident

Mistakes Following a Truck Accident

Common Mistakes That Victims Make After a Truck Accident In the immediate wake of an accident with a large truck, victims are shaken, disoriented, and overwhelmed. Many times, they immediately try to make a checklist of next steps, but their thoughts are too jumbled to put together an accurate roadmap and mistakes are common. Unfortunately,…

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My Spouse Was Injured in a Truck Accident — What Can I Do?

If your husband or wife recently suffered serious injuries in a devastating truck accident, you’re probably struggling to collect your thoughts and get your bearings. While contacting a lawyer and filing a lawsuit might seem like one stress too many, it’s important to learn about your rights and legal options quickly because the insurance company won’t wait to start gathering evidence and building a defense against any potential claim or lawsuit.

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