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Cement mixer accidents can be incredibly dangerous events. A cement mixer truck (as most people call it, although the proper term would be concrete mixer truck — the trucker’s mixer actually mixes cement with other substances like sand and gravel to form concrete) has a very high center of gravity and can weigh between 25 and 60 tons, which makes these trucks prone to rolling over — especially under the operation of an inexperienced driver.

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Cement trucks can roll over at speeds as low as five miles per hour when making a 90-degree turn. Add in the fact that these sluggish vehicles must deliver cement quickly to keep their product from hardening and you have a recipe for danger on the road as cement truck drivers push the limits of their vehicles to meet deadlines and maximize profit. After a collision, cement trucks frequently pour their contents out onto the street, causing other cars to crash and more damage to the surrounding area.

The cement truck accident lawyers at Seattle Truck Law have experience handling the complexities involved in a cement mixer crash. In one case, our firm represented a mother whose baby was injured when a cement truck rolled over and then flipped on top of the client’s mini-van — leaving them both trapped inside. The baby suffered from traumatic brain injuries directly resulting from the collision.

The attorneys of the Seattle Truck Law team were able to successfully prove the extent of the baby’s injuries to the insurance company in this case, which resulted in a recovery of lifetime benefits for the baby. The child will now have medical care, therapy, and even college paid for when they reach a suitable age.

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"When I called Morgan I was lost… When Morgan laid our case out in front of us, I knew I had made a very wise choice in attorneys. My wife is 100% disabled, but thanks to Morgan Adams she has an income and investments to take care of her needs. I would recommend Morgan Adams to my best friend."
- Kenneth Floyd Boyles — November 6, 2008

“Morgan helped me with a lawsuit against a trucking company. He handled my case with the utmost professionalism. I was very impressed with the outcome as well as his attentiveness to my needs.”
- Joshua Granger — October 11, 2009

“[Morgan] explained everything to me, he was always helpful, and his staff was very professional, friendly, and nice. He was clearly respected by the mediator and the trucking company’s lawyer. He wanted to go to trial but listened to me when I wanted to settle.”
- Mary (last name withheld) — May 13, 2010

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