Hit by an Amazon Delivery Truck in Washington? Here’s What to Do

hit by an amazon delivery truck

Hit by an Amazon Delivery Truck in Washington? Here’s What to Do

What You Need to Know 

  • Amazon contracts with delivery drivers through thirdparty companies, often using unmarked trucks to deliver Amazon orders. 
  • An investigation by a nonprofit journalism organization identified 60 accidents caused by Amazon delivery contractors since 2015 that resulted in serious injuries, including 10 deaths. The true toll is probably much higher since most victims don’t sue, and many victims never even realize Amazon is involved. 
  • Amazon has consistently refused to take responsibility when its delivery drivers cause injuries and deaths. 
  • When victims need to recover financial compensation after a devastating crash with an Amazon delivery driverhiring an experienced truck crash attorney is their best option. 

Amazon Delivery Crashes Are on the Rise 

There’s something thrilling about ordering a new gadget or household product on Amazon Prime and finding it on your doorstep the very next day. But as much as we enjoy the convenience of Amazon’s lightningfast delivery services, this convenience comes with a high cost that we rarely see or hear about. Because of the company’s demanding delivery schedule and habit of hiring under-trained drivers, Amazon vehicles are causing deadly crashes at alarming rates. 

Although Amazon refuses to release data about how often its drivers crash, an investigation by the journalism nonprofit ProPublica identified more than 60 accidents since June 2015 involving Amazon delivery contractors. Ten people died in these crashes and many more suffered serious injuries, according to ProPublicaAnd these figures are probably much too lowonly a small fraction of victims take legal action, and many victims never even realize Amazon played a role in causing their injuries. 

What Causes Amazon Delivery Truck Crashes in Washington? 

According to the Washington Department of Transportation (WDOT), the four leading causes of collisions are: 

  • Driver inattentiveness 
  • Speeding 
  • Following too closely 
  • Failing to yield 

Amazon’s high-pressure, high-volume approach to deliveries makes each of these crash factors an everyday part of doing business. 

To meet shipping deadlines on the company’s enormous volume of sales, Amazon often contracts delivery drivers and trucks through thirdparty companies. Amazon does little to ensure that these vehicles operate safely; drivers are often undertrained, use poorly maintained and unmarked vehicles, and operate on tight schedules that leave them zero room for error. Many drivers report skipping breaks, meals, and even restroom stops to complete their routes and meet Amazon’s hyper-aggressive delivery schedules. 

Inexperienced and under constant pressure, Amazon drivers inevitably begin to cut corners. They speed, run lights and signals, follow too closely, and become distracted after hours of driving without a break. This dangerous behavior, which Amazon actively encourages, often leads to wrecks that injure and kill ordinary drivers. 

Amazon Has a History of Ducking Responsibility After Crashes 

When innocent people get hurt by Amazon delivery drivers, getting financial compensation is rarely as straightforward as it should be. Big companies like Amazon do everything they can to insulate themselves from responsibility for their actions, and injured victims and their families often pay the price.  

When you’re suffering because of a company’s negligenceyou deserve to speak with an experienced advocate who can help you understand your case and your options. If you’ve been hurt in a crash with an Amazon truck, even an unmarked truck or rental vehicle used by Amazon to make deliveries, don’t wait to get help.  

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How an Experienced Truck Wreck Attorney Can Help 

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a crash with an Amazon delivery vehicle, it can be incredibly difficult to recover the financial compensation you deserve. Amazon has designed its contractor structure to insulate the company from what ProPublica calls the “human cost” of Amazon’s expedited delivery promises. 

Contacting an experienced truck crash lawyer is the first step to getting the compensation and closure you need and deserve. A truck crash attorney can help you recover financial compensation for costs such as: 

  • Medical bills  
  • Prescription medications 
  • Ongoing therapy or other rehabilitative needs 
  • Funeral costs 
  • Counseling, therapy, or mental health services 
  • Lost wages 
  • Home renovation needs 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • And more, depending on your case 

Seattle Truck Law: Fighting for Amazon Delivery Crash Victims in Washington 

If you need help after a collision with a commercial truck, you don’t have to suffer alone. At Seattle Truck Law, we meet with every victim and potential client one-on-one to understand their needs and equip them to make the best decision about their case. 

To schedule your free, confidential, no-risk case evaluation today, please call us at (866) 580-HURT or complete our quick and easy online contact form. 



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