I Was Hurt in a Dump Truck Accident — What Now?

dump truck accident

Dump trucks: they’re everywhere on construction sites, usually hauling waste, stones, and other debris. Many people don’t realize that dump trucks, with their unusual designs and loose, heavy loads, are highly dangerous and prone to causing devastating dump truck accidents. And when a passenger vehicle gets in a crash with a dump truck, the passenger…

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Why Truck Companies Don’t Want Driver-Facing Cameras

truck driver cab cameras

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 4,136 people died in truck-related crashes in 2018. That number alone justifies implementing technology that can make U.S. roadways safer for everyone. In recent years, multiple companies have developed sophisticated systems that monitor truck driver actions and the road around trucks. While these systems have been…

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What Washington Drivers Need to Know About Electric Trucks

are electric trucks safe

Electric vehicles are increasing in popularity and demand, and electric trucks are right around the corner. But even though these new vehicles may have some advantages, they come with risks too. In this blog, we’ll take a look at electric trucks and try to break down what we can expect from these vehicles on our roads.…

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How Do I Sue Interstate Distributor Company After a Truck Wreck?

sue interstate distributor company

Tacoma-based Interstate Distributor Company is one of the largest trucking companies in Washington, with more than 1,900 drivers and a fleet size bigger than 5,000 vehicles. If you or someone you love has been hurt or killed in a truck accident involving an Interstate Distributor Company truck, you deserve to understand your legal rights and options as well as what…

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Truckers Are Providing for Us During Coronavirus Outbreak, but the Industry Needs to Prioritize Safety

trucking coronavirus

Truck drivers are keeping our nation safe and supplied during the COVID-19 global pandemic. But as the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration makes temporary adjustments to safety regulations, it’s more important than ever that the trucking industry works to reduce the rates of deadly truck wrecks. In this blog, we’ll review how the trucking industry is…

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How Do I Sue System Transport Inc After a Wreck?

how do i sue system transport inc

System Transport Inc. is the Pacific Northwest’s largest flatbed trucking company, with over 40 years of experience and a fleet of 800 trucks and 1,200 trailers. The company ships everything from building materials to lumber on Washington roads. While Systems Transport Inc. has an encouraging safety record overall, their trucks were still involved in over…

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Self-Driving Trucks on Washington Roads: Are They Safe?

self-driving trucks

In December 2019, a self-driving semi-truck developed by tech company Plus.ai successfully drove from California to Pennsylvania to deliver a load of butter. This marked a potential turning point in the effort to put more driverless vehicles on the roadways. The coming demand for partially autonomous trucks means there will be a wave of demand…

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The Trucking Industry Could Roll Out Hair Drug Testing — Here’s Why That Matters

truck driver drug testing

The Trucking Industry Could Roll Out Hair Drug Testing — Here’s Why That Matters Drug testing for drivers of large trucks is critical for keeping the trucking industry safe and preventing deadly truck wrecks. Truck drivers must pass a drug test before they begin driving, and they’re also subject to random drug tests throughout the…

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Can I Sue J.B. Hunt for My Truck Wreck Injuries in Washington?

can I sue jb hunt

J.B. Hunt is one of the largest trucking companies in the United States. The transportation giant ships everything from U.S. postal mail to livestock. Unfortunately, J. B. Hunt has a track record of unsafe and often negligent practices that date back more than a decade. Thanks to these practices, the company has caused a staggering…

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Coping With Mental Health Issues After a Truck Wreck

Coping With Mental Health Issues After a Truck Wreck

Mental Health Issues After a Truck Wreck Are Real When most people think of big truck crashes, they might not immediately think of depression, PTSD, or anxiety. Unfortunately, mental health issues after a truck wreck are not only real, but they’re actually very common. For victims suffering after a traumatic crash with a big truck,…

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